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Prague and the Czech Republic are among the most charming places in the world – discover more on my expeditions and historical tours. You can chose from a list of ready-made tours or express your wish for a tour of your dream and I will make it come true.

As a licensed guide in Prague, I have done dozens of walking tours for groups and individuals both “traditional“ and non-conventional, like tours for train-lovers and „technical Prague“ for kids.

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Valerie´s favorite walks:

  • 100 towers of Prague: have a bird-eye view of the city from the vantage of its most significant towers;
  • The Royal Capital: Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge;
  • 1000 years of architecture: from Romanescque/Gothic/Barroque Prague to Art Nouveau and Cubism
  • Don Giovanni in Prague: Mozart and 18th century Prague;
  • Alfons Mucha and the jewels of Art Nouveau;
  • Prague by train: eye-opening tour for train lovers;
  • Prague during the Cold War: stories and places:
  • Democracy revived: Legacy of Vaclav Havel;

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