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Looking for a good company on a quiet day indoors? Why not learning some new crafts? Join my creative workshops which cater for all ages. Having a good chat over painting Easter eggs Ukrainian style or baking traditional Czech Christmas cookies can be fun for old and young:) It’s an easy way to learn about a new culture and make new friends.

Workshops for adults

  • For Crafty Hands: Ukrainian Easter Eggs “pysanky” have centuries-old tradition. From our stay in Ukraine, I can share the art of decorating Easter Eggs using beeswax and bright dyes.
  • For Curious Minds: Interpersonal skills workshop: Peoples Code – Theory of Dr. Taylor Hartman: How to improve communication skills and relationships based on the core motive of behavior.

Workshops for families and friends

If you plan a Birthday party for your kid or want to have fun together as a family, you can join one of the family workshops which are great for parent-child bonding:

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