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Legacy of Václav Havel. Learn about the importance of the legacy of our first post-communist president and former dissident. Visit the sites connected to this inspirational man’s life and work.

  • We visit the places that bring us back to Havel’s family, his dissident life and theatre, area of detention and interrogations and sites of today - Vaclav Havel’s library.
  • You will learn more in detail about life in communism and what consequences it brings to today’s life for Czechs?
  • I was ten years old when the communist regime collapsed. I was observing the happenings connected to the Velvet revolution as a child. I was present in Kyiv in 2014 when The revolution of dignity started in Ukraine. I can share my experience and compare these two revolutions that shaped our part of the world.
  • The walk will be filled with discussions of Havel’s books and important quotations. I hope after this 2.5 hour walk, everyone will feel inspired.

Length: 2,5 hours

Costs: from 300 CZK (depends on the number of participants in the group)

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