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Relocating brings some challenges. Getting a visa for your family members, finding the right school for the kids and a family doctor can be tricky if you do not speak the language. I have experienced it myself when my family moved abroad for 12 years.

Whether you are an expat or “just” a traveler, I can help with:

  • translations, personal assistance while dealing with the authorities;
  • finding the right school for your children, after school activities, doctors and so on;
  • arranging a business license so that you can teach English or practice as a coach;
  • registering your dog with the townhall;
  • communicating with health insurance;
  • finding the right flat or area for living that suits your needs;
  • any other issues that can arise in a new country.

Prices are based on an hourly fee 600 CZK. Ask for free consultation and calculation of the services you need. A one-year subscription to the services costs CZK 5000. With this subscription you get 15 % discount and priority over other customers. More about prices you find in the pricelist.

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