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Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. Visiting the seat of the Czech kings (now president) is like walking in a fairy tale. The Prague castle complex counts among the largest in the world. It has stood for hundreds of years and features all architectural styles, from Romanesque, Gothic to ornate Baroque and recent Neo-Gothic. 

At the Prague Castle:

  • Dive in the stories about Castle’s inhabitants, including the Golden lane.
  • Learn about the unique collections of Rudolph II. 
  • Learn which Czechoslovak president helped to build the cathedral as a construction worker. 

Do you know at what age Widowed Noblewomen joined the Institute for Widowers at the Castle Aristocratic palace? :) Valerie will tell you.

Bonus: The walk continues to the Charles Bridge and the Royal Route

Length: 2,5 or 3,5 hours (depending on if the walk continues to the Charles Bridge and the Royal route)

Costs: from 250–350 CZK per person

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