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Traveling, working and living abroad has been my passion. For over 15 years I was living abroad. First, as a student in the USA and France and then as a spouse of a diplomat with the EU mission in Kyiv, Ukraine. There, as a full-time mom of three, I volunteered for different projects with the diplomatic community in Ukraine. For three years I worked as Head of Fundraising and later was elected a President of International Women´s Club (IWCK) in Kyiv. In this role, I presided over the international board of IWCK and took part in strategic planning and setting long-term goals for the organisation, whose mail goals are integration of ex-pat families and charity work in the host country.

As a part of IWCK, as well as in my own capacity, I ran Art and Crafts classes for moms and kids, organised community events. They included small, almost family-sized St. Nicolas (Pre-Christmas) parties, larger picnics, and big charity events for over 8 000 visitors.

This work together with teaching Czech at Czech Culture Centre, brought me into contact with families of different cultures and backgrounds. It also let me look at my own culture from a different perspective and see how rich and diverse it is, and how much I can share with people who come to live in the Czech Republic.

On returning to Prague in 2019, I decided to put my education and experience in working with foreign families to good use. I rediscovered my passion for strolling in Prague and refreshed my professional guiding license, which I got as a student. Now I am a fully licensed tour-guide for French/English/Russian-speaking groups. I guide tours in Prague and historical towns of Kutná Hora, Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov.

I love to be surrounded with people and to be a guide not only to different places in the Czech Republic, but also to the national culture and character – all with good laughs and a friendly atmosphere.

Education and Training

MA in Major in International trade and tourism (Ing.) from University Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

MBA – Master Gestion de l´entreprise from Université Jean Moulin, Lyon, France

Tourism licence Prague City Tourism

National tourism licence of the Czech Republic.

Coach certificate Color Code. Dr. Hartman’s Theory of Peoples Codes. Training in interpersonal skills, communication, and relationships

Certificate of teaching “Pysanky” classes (Traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs painting).


Hobbies and Passions

Apart from my family and pets, I love dancing. I am a passionate tapper and with my group Tappy Dancers we perform regularly in different venues. Also, I take lessons of contemporary dance.

tap dance

I love cooking and backing traditional Czech dishes and cookies. I am an amateur photographer and “pysanky” decorator.